Site Leader, Headfirst Professional Sports Camps: 2017-1651

The Position:

The Headfirst Professional Sports Camps mission is to enrich the lives of children nationwide by providing a fun and safe environment that simultaneously builds character and self-esteem.  The Site Leader brings the Headfirst Professional Sports Camps mission to life by using their passion both for baseball and for working with children to create a positive, high energy, life-changing experience for every ballplayer and staff member on site. The Site Leader’s role is to supervise, coach, and provide constructive feedback to the Headfirst Professional Sports Camps leadership team and coaching staff, while working closely with Headfirst Headquarters to ensure that each ballplayer has a safe, enjoyable, and enriching experience at camp.

The Site Leader must live Headfirst Professional Sports Camps’ core values at all times, acting as a role model for all staff and a pillar of dedication, integrity, and professionalism within the Headfirst Professional Sports Camps community. The Site Leader must always prioritize operating a safe and secure camp, taking personal responsibility for the physical and emotional wellbeing of every program participant. In addition, the Site Leader must be a proactive resource, problem solver, and sounding board for all parent concerns and staff issues. Cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with everyone involved with Headfirst Professional Sports Camps – from facility partners, to ballplayer families, to on-site and HQ staff – is a crucial component of this role, and the Site Director must remain mindful at all times of their role as an ambassador for Headfirst Professional Sports Camps.

Headfirst is currently accepting applications for potential openings at one or more of the following Summer 2018 locations:


Atlanta Braves- Atlanta Metro Area

Boston Red Sox- Boston Metro Area

Chicago Cubs- Chicago Metro Area

New York Yankees- New York/New Jersey Surrounding Metro Areas

Washington Nationals- DC Metro Area

The Work:

Pre-Camp Season


  • Tap into professional and personal network to help recruit and retain Headfirst Professional Sports Camps staff.
  • Attend and help facilitate leadership and coach trainings in early summer.
  • Provide curriculum feedback and input, including schedules, activities, policies, and procedures.
  • Participate in all required webinars and online trainings.
  • Assist with the mobilization of site (including, but not limited to, set up, equipment organization, and operational & logistics planning).

Camp Season


  • Manage all camp processes, procedures, and programs with high energy, integrity, and passion.
  • Audit program curriculum and execution to ensure that instructional and business objectives are being met in all programs.
  • Keep adequate documentation and records of attendance, absences, and emergency information on each ballplayer.
  • Master all facility-specific emergency procedures to ensure the safety of all ballplayers and staff.
  • Ensure all facility rules are followed, and all ballplayers and staff are respectful of facility property.
  • Create and maintain positive relationships with facility representatives, including administrators and custodial staff.
  • Serve as a role model for staff and ballplayers in demonstrating positive attitudes, respectful communication, appropriate attire and grooming, and diligent work ethic.
  • Evaluate leadership staff performance and regularly provide constructive feedback both formally and informally, in written and verbal form.
  • Coach Headfirst Professional Sports Camps Division Leaders on all matters related to their staff management responsibilities, including how to evaluate and give feedback to their coaches, how to address staff conflicts and concerns, how to resolve individual and group behavioral management issues, and how to handle matters related to ballplayer health, safety, and security; proper execution of this responsibility will require organizing and running morning trainings throughout the summer.
  • Encourage and cultivate a culture of communication between leadership and staff regarding issues related to ballplayers, ballplayer families, or team members, and address any issues professionally and in a manner consistent with Headfirst Professional Sports Camps policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that staff have the supplies they need to conduct their activities.
  • Act as a proactive resource, problem solver, and sounding board for all parent concerns, communicating with parents respectfully, clearly, and frequently.
  • Handle high level Service Recovery issues, communicating with HQ to fully resolve all matters.
  • Maintain and enforce the Headfirst Professional Sports Camps dress code and appearance requirements.
  • Implement Headfirst Professional Sports Camps’ traditions, games, policies, procedures, and safety protocols.
  • Facilitate all required team and morning ballplayer meetings and attend all required leadership meetings.
  •  Manage and supervise carpool safely and efficiently.
  •  Ensure Before Care and After Care programs are fun, instructional, and safe.  This may require the working of Before Care and After Care if staffing needs arise.
  •  Supervise and attend all Headfirst Professional Sports Camps special events, interact with families, and coordinate set up/clean up.
  • Attend and contribute to summer wrap-up meeting.
  • Participate on all daily & weekly conference calls..
  • Resolve any issue, question, or concern regarding the campers promptly; notify appropriate HQ leadership immediately of any evidence of substance abuse, child abuse, child neglect, severe medical conditions, individuals appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances around campers, or any other potentially dangerous conditions or situations.
  • Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior in working with ballplayers, ballplayer families, fellow team members, leadership, and facility partners while upholding the Headfirst Professional Sports Camps core values at all times.
  • Adhere to state law, Headfirst Professional Sports Camps policies and procedures, and contractual obligations.
  • Take on additional responsibilities as assigned by HQ and not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation.

The Requirements:

  • Experience managing a team of direct reports with demonstrated expertise in providing performance evaluation and feedback loops.
  • Career or equivalent experience in education.
  • Minimum 3 years of camp experience or experience in coaching and working with children.
  • Comfort with public speaking (to parents, staff, and groups of ballplayers).
  • CPR/First Aid Certification, or ability to obtain CPR/First Aid Certification before May 31, 2018.

The Character:

  • An impassioned enterpriser who shares The Headfirst Companies’ core mission and values, and believes in our ability to work together to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults.
  • A highly motivated self-starter who is autonomous and dependable.
  • A team player who approaches professional hurdles with a strong sense of individual responsibility and a sincere emphasis on team over self.
  • A consummate professional who has the ability to prioritize and multi-task, managing several projects concurrently, sometimes under pressure, and often with tight deadlines, while maintaining a positive attitude and professional demeanor.
  • A vocal, energetic, and enthusiastic leader who possesses the charisma, passion, and polish to serve as an ambassador of The Headfirst Companies.
  • A doer who has an entrepreneurial spirit and a focus on finishing the job every day.
  • A problem-solver who assumes responsibility beyond what is asked, and takes initiative.
  • A flexible, coachable, and down-to-earth teammate who has the desire and capacity to grow through self-reflection, and by both providing and receiving thoughtful, constructive performance feedback.
  • A patient individual with a stellar sense of humor.

The Headfirst Companies are proud to be Equal Opportunity Employers

Why We're Here:

What if the best day ever made you better every day?  At The Headfirst Companies, we continually cultivate a remarkable team whose mission is to develop and inspire the personal best in children, young adults, and each other.  Together, we operate live academic & athletic experiential events that are powered by the knowledge that everyone comes to us with unique gifts and unlimited potential.  We’re here to unlock that potential with innovative and engaging programs designed to strengthen six core developmental skills. We believe these Super Six™ skills – optimism, resiliency, hope & goal-setting, emotional mastery, self-efficacy, and grit & determination – are the key social and emotional building blocks to authentic happiness and lasting success, and the challenge of their practice is our journey.

What We Do:

For over 20 years, we’ve been creating programs that inspire children and young adults to courageously engage with the world, celebrate the challenges that come with trying hard things, and meet every opportunity and every setback with persistence, patience, and a positive attitude. We do this work because we believe in the simple yet profound power of play to spark inspiration and unlock potential, and we’ve built our reputation on a foundation of core values and proven results across three distinct organizations. Headfirst Summer Camps are award-winning STEM, STEAM, Sport, and Travel camps designed to create immersive, hands-on learning environments which utilize the power of play to entertain, challenge, and inspire. Headfirst Honor Roll Camps are two-day baseball and softball showcase events connecting coaches from the nation’s most academically competitive colleges with high school student-athletes who have what it takes to excel in the classroom and on the field. Headfirst Professional Sports Camps are youth baseball programs operated in conjunction with the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red SoxChicago CubsNew York YankeesWashington Nationals, and – new for 2018 – Pittsburgh Pirates which combine behind-the-scenes stadium access and player meet-and-greets with curriculum-based baseball instruction to spark passion, build skills, and create Major League-worthy experiences. Together, The Headfirst Companies programs hosted more than 14,000 campers in 2017. 


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